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Can't Be Wrong

by Clay Mottley Band

Billboard Newspaper - February 24, 2002 

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"Can't Be Wrong" 

This mid-Atlantic act dispels any hint of a sophomore jinx with this superlative follow-up to its 1999 debut. After a few spins through "Can't Be Wrong, " one can't help but describe this group as a distinct match for Dave Matthews Band. Mottley is a clever, catchy, and ever-inventive songwriter who delivers originals that sparkle like sunlight on gemstones. Mottley's warm, pleasing voice - and his deft touch on such diverse instruments as acoustic guitar, accordion, and Hammond B-3 - is seamlessly merged with a tight, well-balanced three-man band. Mottley and company lend a self-assured, ready-for-prime-time flair to "Can't Be Wrong." Gentle balladry ("Nothing on You") brushes shoulders with literate, acoustic-driven rock ("Hymn for Saturdays") and tender introspection ("In My Town"). Major label A&R execs take note: These fellows are ready.