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Clay Mottley
Songwriter - Musician - Videographer



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With national touring country artist Tony Jackson.




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Best of Days

Best of Days (2016)

The 4th studio album of original music by Clay Mottley, Best of Days contains a winding journey through the ups and downs of life; from moments of regret to joyful bliss to heartbreak and love of one's child. The album's title track offers hope of living life to the fullest.  "Brother" shines a soulful apology from young wanderer who realizes pain he may have caused.  Other notable songs include cycle of a family in "The Giver," a beautiful lullaby in "Little Child of Mine," a perfect wedding love song in "A Hundred Years," and a somber cello moves through "Sophie Speaks."

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We should all look back to one day say ‘These are the best of day.’
— Clay Mottley, Best of Days

Whether a full band with horn section, a backyard three-piece band or a coffee-house environment, what makes Clay Mottley stand out are the songs themselves.  While they sound both contemporary and accessible, they just as easily fit in a playlist of singer/songwriter era of Jackson Browne and James Taylor.

Born and raised in Virginia, Clay's musical roots run deep.  A mother who played piano at home and a father who minored in music, Clay was singing from an early age, playing piano by age 6 and guitar by age 12.  In high school, Clay joined a touring choir in Fredericksburg, VA with whom he traveled as far as New Orleans, Indianapolis, Maine and Florida.  The performance itch had taken hold, and it wasn't long before Clay was playing wherever there was an opportunity, from pits bands for high school and college musicals to open-mic nights and eventually gigs as a solo act or with this trio "The Halcyon Society," an acoustic trio of guitar, bass and percussion with members including Keith McConnell, Daniel Ingram and Geordie Beddoe.  


Forgoing the acoustic vibe for something more upbeat, Clay started the Clay Mottley Band in 1997 and never looked back.  The two self-released albums (Stormy Words and Can't Be Wrong) each garnered glowing reviews in Billboard, citing Clay as a "clever, catchy and ever-inventive songwriter who delivers originals that sparkle like sunlight on gemstones" and as having "a master craftsman's touch for melody and words that are unfailingly substantive and intriguing."

Clay continues to write, record and perform, having released his 3rd studio album "Best of Days" in 2016.  

He currently performs in the Virginia area, as well as plays bass, piano and guitar for Tony Jackson.

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Clay has been a videographer for several years with the YMCA of Greater Richmond, as well as freelance videographer for hire, specializing in story-telling for non-profits.

YMCA of Greater Richmond

Clay has contributed greatly to the video assets of the YMCA of Greater Richmond, as their first full-time on-staff videographer. From interviews to TV commercials, training videos to social media shorts, Clay has done it all for the YMCA.

See Clay’s work on the YMCA of Greater Richmond’s YouTube channel.


Clay is known for helping small-business and local non-profits with their video production.

Watch the latest video created for Next Move.


To hire Clay for your small business or non-profit needs, contact Clay at